You are most welcome to our website and we are delighted with the opportunity to tell you a little bit about us. Ganesha book depot was started in 1996 as a re-seller of stationary items in Mysore city and quickly built its business by through providing a high quality products to customers. Over the years, the business has thrived through keeping an eye on the latest trends and innovations and today, in addition to retail stationary shop we now specialize in Office Supplies such as stationary items , Cleaning and office maintenance products. To stay relevant and continue to grow we need to be obsessively passionate about what we do. We like what we do and we love the people we meet while doing it.

What we do

Picture this, you are in your office, working hard and to work efficiently you need certain things to be close to hand. These things need to be there when you need them. We will help you to fulfill your needs which is required in work environment.

  1. Stationary retail
  2. Office Supplies
  3. Go Green(Reusing papers)

We push the limits so that expectations are exceeded!

Our Products

Everything that you could possibly need in your office.

Our Prices

We fully understand that price is extremely important, and budgets must be met. As one of the loyal suppliers to offices, we buy well, which in turn allows us to be very competitive. Our pricing is presented in an ethical, open and transparent manner.